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00AM Walk Through Harlem Retracing Our Brother History

On May 19, our revered elder, walking world encyclopedia, and African scholar, Elombe Brath, made his transition. Much has been said and more will be said about the impact of Elombe''s work on the struggle for the liberation of Africa and its people throughout the diaspora.

May 19, though not marked on WBAI as it used to be, was the 89thanniversary of the birth of Malcolm X, whose grandson, Malcolm Shabazz, was murdered in Mexico last May.

Elombe''s homegoing services will be held on Saturday, May 31 the last day of African Liberation Month from 10 AM to 1PM, at Abyssinian Baptist Church, where the Reverend Dr. Calvin O. Butts is pastor. The address is 132 Odell Clark Place, AKA West 138 St., between Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Malcolm X Blvds. (Take 2,3,B,C trains to 135th St.

A repast will follow at the Harriet Tubman School the site of so many of Elombe''s Friday seminars 250 West 127 St., between Frederick Douglass and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvds.

Before the service, join the "Morning Walk Through Harlem Retracing Our Brother''s History." Assemble, at 8AM sharp, in front of the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Bldg. (163 West 125 St. at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd.) and together arrive at Abyssinian at 9 AM before the doors open. (Organized by December 12thMovement, Patrice Lumumba Coalition, Freedom Party, Black Mens Movement, Committee to Honor Black Heroes, WADU, CEMOTAP, Africans Helping Africans, AAPRP (Chaka Cousins). Exact times will be posted on their website by Saturday, May 31 at 9AM.

If resources allow, they will broadcast the memorial live. If they are unable to do that, they will record and air it on Monday, June 2 at 9 AM.

Elombe Brath was raised from birth under the influence of the Honorable Marcus Garvey in the African Nationalist Pioneer Movement (ANPM) led by Carlos Cooke of the Dominican Republic. He then spent his full life fighting for the decolonization of Africa and other oppressed nations of the world. He stood firmly for Black empowerment in the USA and beyond, and was a champion for human rights and justice. His main role as a freedom fighter was coordinating, promoting and providing direct support and assistance to the leaders of the liberation struggles across Africa, especially in southern Africa. Also, from his Harlem headquarters of the Pan African movement, he worked directly with revolutionary leaders and ambassadors at the United Nations to mobilize support and assistance for Pan African resistance to imperialism, colonialism and neo colonialism, and for the building of Garvey''s vision for a united states of Africa.

In addition to organizing and spearheading African liberation support committees, the tireless Brath helped to co found several key organizations including the Patrice Lumumba Coalition PLC), the December the 12thMovement (D 12) and the World African Diaspora Union (WADU). With the establishment of the African Union in 2003, Elombe intensified his work to unify the African Diaspora which led to the establishment of WADU in 2007 in Jamaica. During this final phase of his work, Brath in his push for a unified Diaspora, he consistently warned of the new scramble for the re colonization of Africa. His final painful and poignant messages, he stressed that Africa was suffering from "Africa Imperialist Dependency Syndrome (AIDS) which required a much more organized and unified African Diaspora to help liberate Africa, again.

At the July 107thPan African Movement Summit, Baba Brath was appointed the Political Commissioner of WADU by His Excellency Baba Dudley Thompson, President of WADU. The Summit which called for a strong African Diaspora union prioritized WADU pushing for a Pan African Government and also resolved for all Africans to promote dual citizenship, reparations, repatriation, economic partnership, and for African culture, to be the basis for a united states of Africa. The 2007 Summit would be the last major event that he participated in. In August of 2007, Baba Brath had a stroke and remained ill until he transitioned on May 19, 2014.

WADU is urging all Africans to continue raising Baba Elombe Brath''s nameacrossthe African world as apowerful Pan Africanmodel of steadfast duty in service to African people and Africa. So I will do this. I will simply call this brother one of my heroes and simply tell you a key reason why.

Elombe, and the Patrice Lumumba Coalition that he passionately stewarded for so many years , resurrected in a profound way an important Harlem 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone tradition Buy Cheap Jintropin Online that got dropped as commitment to struggle also got dropped by some primetime folk who are highly overrated in my book as a consequence!

Since the heights of the Harlem Renaissance, the world came to Harlem to feed its soul! Artists, intellectuals, tourists, our folk from all other quarters, everybody came to Harlem.

I can''t pinpoint the exact beginning, but as our struggle began to make great strides in the Era of Independence, it became important for Harlem to host and receive these new leaders of those nations breaking the shackles of colonialism for independence. With bold electeds like Adam Clayton Powell and insurgent legends like Malcolm, there was erected for this purpose, the Harlem Welcoming Committee of so called important heads to receive these new leadersin Harlem whenever they would come to New York,for the UN especially. There is a great picture of Kwame Nkrumah with Powell and Malcolm in his visit being taken care of this regard.

Many of these socalled leaders were anything but revolutionaries, however. That all crystallized itself before everybody''s eyes when Fidel and Che came to New York for this very same purpose in ''63. When they were refused hotels downtown and midtown, only Malcolm came Sustanon 250 For Cutting forward and said that they should come uptown to Harlem, to the Hotel Theresa. Only Malcolm! One of my supreme Panther sheroes Rosemari Mealy documented that legendary moment of solidarity in her important book Memories of A Meeting: Fidel and Malcolm!

It gets better, or shall we say worse, depending on your viewpoint.

Within two years, we would lose Malcolm!

Just a few years later , some overrated primetime leaders would cut a deal with the Dumbocratic Party, I said the Dumbocratic Party, and would orchestrate the electorial sacking of Adam Clayton Powell. Somewhere between Fidel and Che in ''63 and the comprador right turn of these primetimers , this tradition, because those coming from ripe battlegrounds of struggleonto the world stage were indeed revolutionaries, far to the left of the village''s primetimers, the welcoming committee tradition got dropped!

Enter Elombe Brath and the Patrice Lumumba Coalition!

My own history with Elombe didn''t begin until the 1980s when "Anaboliset Aineet" I was just in my 20s, a young rockthrowin poet trying to make sure I had the ''know it,'' wanting to connect the revolutionary dots artistically and otherwise. Elombe''s forums were always bringing those heads fresh off the battlefield of a given area of struggle, and it helped a lot of us on the grassroots Testosterone Cypionate Steroid connect the historical and theoretical stuff we had been studying to the real, and they were not just local! We have met some incredible freedom fighters and activist thinkers as a consequence of what Elombe did on those Friday nights.

It would especially become important to appreciate when his circle were able to get Maurice Bishop of the New Jewel Movement success and the Thomas Sankara from Burkino Faso to Harlem. The fact that they would both face coups and assassinations shortly after their visits to us in Harlem was something we all took quite serious.

Then in 1995, the UN was hosting a summit of world leaders and again Fidel was faced with hostility. In spite of that hostility, it was Elombe and his circle who saw to it that Fidel, not only came to Harlem. This time, he would came to Harlem and speak to 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone us as only Fidel could, and he did so right out of one of Harlem''s most famous churches, Adam Clayton Powell''s Abyssinian Baptist Church!

Its most dramatic turn was arguably in June 1990, when buy cheap jintropin online the late Nelson Mandela, fresh out of his historic 27 year bid under Apartheid, came to New York! The primetimers wanted to bring him to Yankee Stadium and downtown! We got behind Elombe and on this particular spineless primetimer behind and made it plain. Nelson Mandelais coming to Harlem or ''you'' are going to be embarrassed to the umpteenth! That''s what got Madiba to 125thstreet in that incredible historic moment! That''s what got Dhoruba, fresh outof a 19 year bid,up there with him too! Revolutionary PanAfrikanists, behind our Dean of that walk, behind our Elombe, made that happen, inspite of the Dumbocratic primetimers Tren 75 Pills Side Effects vision, or lack of vision of another kind!

That was the revolutionary resurrection of the Welcoming Committee! What the comprador primetimers dropped, revolutionaries falling in on Elombe picked up! And we are all better, wiser and more conscious as a consequence!