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A favorite love story comes to the Arden

Maybe you own the book, and the Disney video, too. But don''t let familiarity keep you and the kids Billig Generisk Cialis from seeing a new presentation of Cinderella.

It''s at the Arden Theatre Company in Old City right now. Artistic director Matt Decker says the script is "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" part of the difference, but everyone from producers to costume designers to actors took one another''s pulse, so to speak, and let their collective feelings shape how the story is told.

The production carefully respects the original. Cinderella''s father still remarries, and so there are the Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop stepsisters. They''re still self centered. Buy Cialis Switzerland There''s still the chance meeting with the prince and the unlikely way he "Anabolika Definition" and the mistreated girl find one another again. And there''s the fairy godmother working her magic.

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Cinderella is more interested in finding a friend than in being a princess. She comes to befriend her stepmother and the stepsisters. If you will, there''s a greater sense of living happily ever after. This is also a typical Arden production for children. The set provides structure to tell the story, but it''s minimal.

It enables the audience to focus on the story and the characters, and that enhances hearing what they say and learning the story''s lessons.

The Arden is committed to making children''s theatre educational. Performers stick around after the show to answer questions and meet with the Testosterone Enanthate Nedir young audience. Often, they meet the kids before they even get to the playhouse, going Testosterone Propionate Maximum Dosage into classrooms, doing a bit of the show and helping kids learn about live performances before they ever set foot in a theatre.

Along the way, kids have opportunity to appreciate drama, develop a taste for it, and perhaps become lifelong fans. Cinderella is performed nine times a week, days and nights except Mondays, through January 27th.

The Arden is at 40 Testosterone Cypionate Negative Side Effects N. 2nd Street in Old City Philadelphia, just north of Market Street. In addition to children''s shows, there are also general audience productions, and subscriptions and memberships are available.

For information, visit the company''s website, Arden Theatre, or phone 215 922 1122. Tickets for all shows are available online, by phone, or in person at the box office.